Sustainable agriculture and quality products

Organic farm Il Moro

Il Moro farm has an area of 150 hectares for organic farming. We produce extra virgin olive oil, durum wheat and soft wheat, coriander, legumes, medicinal plants, honey.

We have chosen organic

All our agricultural products are organic and they are strictly controlled and certified as organic.

The land, a family passion

For over fifty years, the Daidone family has been dedicated to the agricultural cultivation of Podere il Moro. In ancient times, the farm land was part of a much larger estate, as evidenced by the coat of arms which is the same as that of other neighboring farms.
About ten years ago, the company was converted to organic farming. The company is associated with Coldiretti, an Organisation of agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level.

The benefits of organic farming

It is good for the health of the people and the environment

We organic farm to produce high quality food without the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fungicides) or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), improving soil fertility with natural methods such as crop rotation.

Together with the safety of the products, organic farming contributes to maintaining the healthiness of the air and water. The environment is important to us as well as the health of our guests.

Our products

Extra virgin Olive oil

Our extra virgin Olive oil is a source of pride for the farm, because it combines goodness with organoleptic qualities and safety for the consumer. The use of the "organic oil" brand guarantees that the entire supply chain (starting with us who produce the olives, at the mill, to the bottler) complies with the rules laid down to produce healthy foods without chemical residues. Taste it. You will discover that it is first of all a precious and tasty oil, with an excellent flavor also used raw on salads and on Tuscan bread.


Wheat (better known as grain) is one of the main crops on the farm. At Podere il Moro we grow both durum wheat (used for the production of pasta and some types of bread) and soft wheat, whose flour is used for bread, sweets, biscuits and egg pasta.


Rich in vitamins, fibers and mineral salts, the most valuable lentils are the Italian ones, they are among the most popular legumes.


Herbaceous plant of the same family as cumin and parsley. Coriander seeds are a fundamental spice in Arabic and Indian cuisine and are indispensable for preparing a good curry.


Beekeeping is also practiced in the coriander and lentil fields of il Moro; a very sweet and fragrant honey is obtained.

Come visit

Guided tours

In the different months of the year, you can follow the agricultural work with a visit to the farm, including the sheds for agricultural vehicles (tractors, combine harvesters).

  • March-April: sowing of legumes, pruning of olive trees
  • July: threshing (wheat harvest)
  • August-September: plowing of the land
  • November: olive harvest
  • December-Januasy: sowing of wheat

The culture of the earth

Podere il Moro regularly hosts classes of students from agricultural institutes, with their teachers, for educational visits to the farm's agricultural works.